Silent Hill HD, or Konami's Big Remastered Mistake

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael takes a look at the Silent Hill HD Collection, which includes both Silent Hill 2 and 3. She asks whether Konami is giving fans of the series exactly what they want, or if remastering these games with new (and bad) voiceacting is ruining it.

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DemonStration2918d ago

With so many HD remakes it's only a matter of time before we start getting bad ones unfortunately

athmaus2918d ago

I have to agree with that!

TheSanchezDavid2918d ago

It's a shame that these changes are being made. Really puts me off and makes me want to stay away from this HD compilation.

BuLLDoG9092918d ago

i cant believe the amount of bs this site links to,

the original voice of james have now being confirmed to be in the remake.....

HarryMasonHerpderp2918d ago

Yeh i thought it was announced that the original voices will be included in the HD collection a while back now.

lashes2ashes2918d ago

it was. people are fucking stuped

NarooN2917d ago

It was never confirmed... They said they've been having talks to try to get it to happen, but no official announcement confirming that the voices are in has been made.

AriesSiren2918d ago

dont buy it if you dont like it. period.

Quagmire2918d ago

Thats what I keep telling people when they bash Ninja Theory's DmC, yet there is ALWAYS someone saying how crap it looks.

It looks awesome, and so does this collection.

HarryMasonHerpderp2917d ago

I wont be buying it if the original voice actors are not in the HD collection.
Point is though the collection is for fans of the old games to play the classics that they love in HD and for people who missed these games first time round and part of that gets ruined when they start to change things like the voices in the characters that us fans adore.
Imagine if they changed the voices for people in a timeless classic movie when it was released on bluray?
same thing here.
Why does it get treated differently just because its a videogame.

NeverforgetNES2918d ago

I think we need to be more open minded about HD remakes. I, for one, am going into the HD remake era thinking rather optimistically. I definitely support any HD remakes and what they aim to accomplish, giving the games another chance at life so a new generation can play the games we fell in love with.

Sure, some of them will turn out bad, but I'm excited to see what is in store. I'm actually looking forward to the Silent Hill remakes.