MP1st Interview: Gigatross Games Dishes on Indie Development, Grand Class Melee

MP1st - "We are thrilled to kick things off with an interview with Gigatross Games, the three-man studio on the cusp of releasing Grand Class Melee, a 2D RPG-inspired brawler for Xbox Live Indie Games."

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Criminal2922d ago

The game looks fun. I think I'll pick it up!

Mister_V2922d ago

Looks like a multiplayer version of the Legend of Zelda!

Hockeydud192922d ago

Never really gotten into indie games, just don't interest me, but from what I got out of the interview it seems like Indies are more passionate about their work and only care if people like it and enjoy it.

Mister_V2922d ago

That's so true. I guess they don't really see enough money to be concerned about it. They're just doing it because they love games.

Rearden2922d ago

Nice to see developers taking a chance, quitting their day jobs and making indie games. Their first effort looks good.

Criminal2922d ago

Yeah, I hope more devs/publishers will take more chances and try to innovate more.

BootHammer2921d ago

Yes we need more developers like this that truly love the gaming scene and do it out of their passion for the industry...not the money. Hopefully these guys make it big though =)