Skyrim: Open World Situations 'Bound To Include Bugs' - Bethesda

NowGamer: Bethesda dedicated to bug-fixing, but will miss some.

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NYC_Gamer2926d ago

i'll wait to buy my copy then

gravemaker2926d ago

cant wait, dont care about bugs, my money is yours, bethesda

skyward2926d ago

No major game-killing bugs in Fallout 3, so same here.

bumnut2925d ago

I had a game killing bug in Fallout 3, lost over ten hours gameplay.

LightningSamus2925d ago

Bethesda games always have bugs but the games have never been unplayabe for me.

MasterCornholio2925d ago

As long as it's not another fall out 3 bug ridden game. I don't really care.


PandaJenkins2925d ago

All games have bugs. Open world games especially can't keep them out entirely. Won't stop it from being amazing though.