Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Will Return to World of Warcraft "Within a Year"

Game analyst Michael Pachter makes bold statements regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft

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lance422923d ago

Doubt it. WoW just has nothing to offer anymore.

NYC_Gamer2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

i don't believe Tor will satisfy the hardcore mmo fan....

lance422923d ago

Well, it depends. Because there are hardcore role-players, hardcore pvpers, hardcore raiders...i doubt it can please all three.

lifesanrpg2923d ago

I don't think WoW satisfies them either though

JsonHenry2923d ago

I don't know about that. But I am looking forward to Guild Wars 2 more than anything else.

Blasphemy2923d ago

The Old Republic doesn't either.

Wizziokid2923d ago

shit you got a crystal ball? where can I get one, I wan't to put the euromillions on :)

lifesanrpg2923d ago

Not me, but apparently Michael Pachter does. Or he is the crystal ball...


Pachter just thinks he has crystal balls...

outwar60102923d ago

mmorpgs are all about grinding once they get rid of that i might be interested but yh star wars is awesome lol

xGrunty2923d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Will Move To Guild Wars 2 "Within a Year"


pctrollv42923d ago

haha, after playing the beta, they'll be dropping both of these within the first 6 months. SWTOR is so damn boring and trust me, there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING revolutionary about SWTOR. Played beta twice, gave one acct away and in rage told bioware to cancel the other cause its that bad. GW2 is where its at, hell FFXIV v2.0 is where its at...swtor. What a joke bioware has become

BakedGoods2923d ago

Well, pc-TROLL-v4, I figured SWTOR was doomed, then I played the beta and was completely impressed.

The single-player MMO-style is excellent. Every NPC has a voiceover, the quest storylines are interesting and cinematic. Very KOTOR-ish. The classes/skill trees seem deep enough for the WoW-crowd and PVP was great.

I'll admit it definitely copied WoW is almost every way, it also built on those features to provide something different. Plus, lightsabers.

evrfighter2923d ago

I agree with pc troll gw2 or ff 2.0 will be something to look forward to

pctrollv42923d ago

impressed? its WOW at its peak 5 years ago. There is absolutely nothing revolutionary about it. Its just fetch quests and extremely noob friendly since it takes absolutely no time to hit the high levels. Lightsabers alone wont save swtor. The But i guess to each their own.

tmoss7262923d ago

LOL FF14. All I've heard is crap about that game. GW2 won't be out till who knows when. You don't think an entirely voiced MMO isn't revolutionary? It's nothing new, but it's quite a feat. Clearly you don't care for story.

pctrollv42923d ago

lmao revolutionary voice acting in an mmo. FF has voice acting, so does rusty hearts. Does it make it any better? yes, does it mean its revolutionary? absolutely not. SWTOR has insanely boring dialogue as well as storyline. You really have to LOVE star wars to enjoy swtor and how boring it is. Its extremely noob friendly as it takes no time to reach high levels. SWTOR is WOW at its peak 5 years ago. Nothing else. As far as story goes, no i dont really care about lame stories which are pretty much all of biowares stories with maybe mass effect series as an exception, but thats just a maybe.

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The story is too old to be commented.