Splitkick - Renegade Ops Review

One of my fondest childhood memories was playing with G.I. Joe toys. High-tech tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and hovercrafts that had all manner of cool looking weapons and crazy characters like Destro and Snake Eyes at their helm. I would spend hours scripting out massive battles between the forces of good and their arch nemesis, Cobra. This obsession with vehicular combat was instantly translated onto the television screen during my 8 and 16-bit days with games like Jackal, Return Fire, and the “Strike” series. I’m happy to say Avalanche Studios has re-captured the spirit of this era with the release of Renegade Ops.

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xstreetsweeperx2924d ago

I dislike the ending of the review in all honesty. I think you might have been able to leave out the part about it not breaking any new ground.