Dungeon Defenders Review (XBLA/PSN/PC) [TrendyGamers]

Trendygamers reviews the tower defense/ action RPG from trendy entertainment and it is a game that you must play. By Jason of Trendygamers.

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Zardos2921d ago

I'll be reviewing this later in the week. Great review for a very fun game!

TrendyGamers2921d ago

Thanks. Make sure you have some people to play with!

shadowknight2032921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

A well detailed review. Whole its obvious youve been playing a lot of dark souls of late with the numerous amount of dark souls refrences, it got a bit annoying.

TrendyGamers2921d ago

I actually only played for about an hour because I died too much... which got annoying.

shadowknight2032921d ago

lol yeah that game does kick us (gamers) asses for sure :P