Follow up to XIII confirmed, not coming to consoles

IncGamers: To be called XIII: Lost Identity.

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callahan092919d ago

For some reason I don't believe it, but if real, I am in support! XIII was cool. Due in November, but announced today? Astonishing. What the heck is it? Is the portable version and the PC version vastly different, or are they all the same, indicating kind of a light-weight experience?

snipes1012919d ago

Yea I'd like to know what this is all about too because I loved the cel-shaded, Jason Bourne feel of the first game. I wish it was getting a proper release though :\

Alos882919d ago

So coming to every platform except the ones it would get decent sales on, basically.

Maticus2919d ago

Yeh the cel shading was very cool. Nice to see it return.

Les-Grossman2919d ago

This is going to get pirated to hell & back

gravemaker2919d ago

looooved the original one, want proper sequel very bad
it was sooo good, one of my favorite shooters

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