Sega on Valkyria Chronicles III in the West: “All Hope is Not Lost. It’s Very Open Ended” interviewed Sega's associate Brand Manager Aaron Webber, after many sites reported that Sega had no plans to localize Valkyria Chronicles III in the west. He had something quite pleasing to say and to rekindle hope in the fans of the franchise

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Ninferno2921d ago

alright! at least we have some progress! keep up the good work, dualshockers!

princejb1342921d ago

im assuming is because sales are low in the west
another reason may be because they released it on psp

JoelT2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Good job on Gamespot's part talking to a rep in Singapore and reporting it as news that it wasn't coming stateside...smh.

Anyways this is great news to hear for any fans of the series. While it's not confirmation, "hope" is something good enough to hold on to.

Cloudberry2921d ago

Could SEGA go the way of FALCOM where FALCOM ported their PSP's "Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero" to PlayStation VITA as "Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero - Full Voice" version?

In example, they could ported Valkyria Chronicles 3 to VITA with right analog stick as camera control & include more extras than the PSP game, then release the English version.

With VITA, at least SEGA shouldn't worry about piracy yet.

Redempteur2921d ago

That's actually a very good idea a VC3 with more missions & extras would be excellent

de5gravity2921d ago

I have faith! It has to come!

iamthebozz2921d ago

You guys should keep your eye on the Gallian Liberation Front and support them to get this game here as Ruby mentions in the video.

ashiksorel2921d ago

Oh this is some AWESOME stuff!! Valkyria Chronicles FOREVER!!! Lets hope this game comes full swing in the west!!

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The story is too old to be commented.