Team 17: 'Never say never on Superfrog revival'

Team 17 has said that it will "never say never" on reviving old franchises.

The Worms developer, who rebooted Alien Breed for consoles and PC last year, said that it is always difficult to develop new titles when Worms is so successful.

"Potentially, never say never," head of design John Dennis told Digital Spy.

"I think one of the problems, if it can be a problem of having a massively successful IP, is that you're rather a hostage to that IP, and you think what should we do, make a game in that massively successful IP or shall we do something else?"

It was added that the most requested reboot after Alien Breed is Amiga platformer Superfrog.

"Although we haven't got anything in development for that at the moment, never say never," said Dennis.

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WhiteLightning2926d ago

Why don't you give us a massive 3D Worms 5 game on this gen.....for retail instead of all the Arcade titles

Yi-Long2926d ago

... but if/when they do decide to do a reboot, I hope they'llmake it a proper quality reboot, instead of a lazy cash-in.

Superfrog was a brilliant game.

AllroundGamer2925d ago

yes it was, sometimes i play it on my phone via an amiga android emulator :)

Cajun Chicken2925d ago

Brilliant game. But X2 HD wouldn't go amiss either.

FaSCoRP2925d ago

I remember playing the frog game on my PC, under VGA 256 colours! It was fun

Disccordia2925d ago

They really were one of the top developers back in the Amiga days.