The Online Pass Strikes Again! (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "A while back I wrote an article giving my thoughts about the online pass and how developers are going about getting more money the wrong way. For those who don’t know, the Online Pass is a one time code that comes with a game to allow access to online play. This of course was to counter used game sales and even turn a profit from them by allowing players to purchase a new code via LIVE market or the PSN store. This is nothing but bad news for people who seek to save some money through buying used games if they plan to play online, seeing as how once you pay about ten bucks for the code you are actually paying close to the same amount as you would for a new copy."

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Joe Bomb2919d ago

Locking out single player experiences is complete BS! I buy almost all of my games new, so online passes don't really affect me but in the case that I get a game used, I'm [email protected]#$d!

gamingdroid2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

So it is finally hitting consumers, eh?

I have been saying it all along, Online Passes are very anti-consumer and it disgust me. I'm fine with the greed (companies has to make money too), but I'm not fine with the level of harm it does to consumers and how companies can control your purchased stuff just like DRM.

Didn't know this:

"RAGE was the first game to degenerate itself to the new trend, locking out hidden areas of the main single player experience to those without an online pass. Next on the list is a game heavily anticipated by everyone. Batman: Arkham City has officially been announced to not only do exactly what RAGE did with hidden areas, but also take it one step further. All Catwoman experiences will only be available to those who buy the game new or those who purchase an Online Pass."

Two games I will not be buying!

@Joe Bomb:

It will affect you if you lend your game, or want to share it with others. Heck, it will affect you when the publisher decides to pull the servers, so you can no longer use your pass.

Doesn't matter if you bought it new....

Quagmire2918d ago

Just wait for the GOTY edition of Arkham City, thats what many people are doing now.

nycredude2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I don't have an issue with Online pass blocking out just the mp aspect of a game.

However if they block out certain aspect of the sp of a game then that is bullshit.

I suggest if you were interested in the game then buy it new like. If you really have a issue with it then buy it used and don't pay for the online pass.

When it all comes down to it they are providing a product and dictating a price. If you like it pay for it and if you don't don't pay for it. No one is forcing us to pay for anything.

When it's all said and done it is just $10!!! And that is ONLY if you buy a game used!

Only the market will dictate the price of used games over time. Some games drop real fast and other take three years to reach $35. look at prices for COD games.

gamingdroid2919d ago

I *always* buy my game new. There has only been a handful of times I ever bought a used game, and it was due to out of print games.

So this minimally impacts me, but still it doesn't mean I should be quiet and just happily nod yes to something that clearly isn't to anyone's benefit (including the publisher)!

If you do, you might one day find yourself without support for something that might actually affect you.

If Online Passes would have been shut down day-1, we wouldn't be here discussing this now.

betrayed gamer2919d ago

what do servers do for online passes? so far it only pertains to either content or online play. the only problem i see is for lending out the game. in all honesty i dont see a major problem with online passes cause if i like the game i'll buy it new as apposed to preowned cause their is only a five to ten dollar diff.

BattleTorn2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I really hate these 'Online Passes'!!

I actually have a nightmare story about them that happen to myself.
I bought Resistance 3, brand-new sealed, from Gamestop.
Online Pass was 'no longer valid'.
Sony refused any responsibility, told me it's the retailer.

Took it back, Gamestop gave me another, brand-new and sealed, copy of R3.Again, same thing "no longer valid"
Phoned Sony again, they told me that the codes were genuine, but been used. And blames retailer again. (Also implying I was for fault, asking whether other people in my household have access to my game, NO! I live alone, or Had I had friends over that might have scooped it!)

Sony just kept blaming the retailer, and kept telling me to do what I had already done, (get another). I told them "How can it be retailer responibility? Sony issues the codes, Sony's responsible for how secure the codes are, and they shouldn't use a 12-character code! it's too easy to fish/keygen"

The Sony Customer support guy laughed, and said "I'll be sure to pass that on to the CEO, next time I pass his office"

After taking the game back 3rd time, Gamestop had me enter the code on site, which worked. They apologizes immensely, even though I don't find them responsible (I know the employees I am fairly confident no one was stealing the codes)

pretty much Sony pitted Me vs Gamestop; and had both of us doubt who's being honest (me lying, or gamestop stealing) when most likely it was Sony's insecure codes being fished by hackers.
Sony avoided all responsibility for codes they issue, all over "pre-owned sales" that they don't get paid for.
Way to put the customer in the middle of a fiscal dispute you have with pre-used retailers!!

kma2k2919d ago

This is how i see this going down for the future & it scares the crap out of me!

New games currently are $59.99 but they fall quickly in pricing this is mostly due to the used game market. If these passes succed & actually hurt the used game market or kill it all together (doubtful i know) think about it new games will not have to go cheaper in price. Games will be able to sit on the shelf at $59.99 for months. It could easly be games that are a year old will sell new at $49.99 if there is now used market to compete with nothing will drive down the price of new games & we will be forced to pay insane prices even after release. Even worse they could try using that as an example after a year or so, well if games that are a year old are $49.99 then new games should cost ____ fill in the blank, what $69.99, $79.99 serisouly who knows!

The biggest argument people are making is "if you dont want it on release day just wait" but wake up people & see whats happening!

glopez2919d ago

I hope everyone here remembers Bobby kotick wanting to cut out the endings of games and sell them to us. Well with this new online pass, it is the begining of the end for gamers. It has now come to pass. I'm sure people here will still support it cause the developers are living in the streets and need our help. I suggested on another story for everyone here to start a $50 donation to help them out of the gutter but still no biters. Well here you have it folks. Pretty soon they will sell us half a game and if you want the other half pay up. Oh, mp too? That's gonna cost ya!! Go ahead keep supporting this tripe.

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