OnLive exempt from BT’s bandwidth limits.

According to BT’s website, OnLive usage will not count towards their customer’s bandwidth limits until January ’12.

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Pandamobile2919d ago

If more ISPs start doing this, that would make OnLive a lot more attractive for people.

CynicalVision2919d ago

'until January ’12'

That's not even far away. It's a great idea though, get people used to the idea of playing Onlive without any bandwidth issues and then suddenly take it away. They probably want people to forget and then charge them for going over their limit.

iamnsuperman2919d ago

"Then, choosing one of our unlimited data options lets you continue gaming without worrying about usage allowance."

Not sure what unlimited really means as these companies usually put a cap on anyway but they can get "unlimited" just have to pay more. Not sure how much but it probably be a lot

CynicalVision2919d ago

Exactly, they want you to get used to using the bandwidth so much that going back to limited isn't good enough.

Unlimited is never really unlimited because of the fair use policy, a few hundred GB per month and I'm sure they'd tell you to stop using so much.

jack_burt0n2919d ago

from someone who uses 100gb+ a month in the UK, they just cap your speeds at high volume times.

which is crap if you are paying for unlimited.

GamerEuphoria2919d ago

I think you always have to remember that these are businesses. Sure, they may have employees who love gaming, but they exist as a way to make money. I fully agree though, this isn't a gracious offer which lets gamers roam free, it's a business move. And a smart one at that. If you aren't using it regularly after 3 months free reign, you probably wont at all. But it's enough time to get people in to it.


bub162919d ago

DONT GO WITH BT!! They are the worst broadband company ive ever been with, I had unlimited BT BB, once I go over 40gb a month the internet went SOOOOOOOOOOOO slow at peak times.

Si-Fly2919d ago

I've got unlimited infinity and the slowest speed I've seen is 26mb/s and normally in the high 30s. So far this month I've downloaded Rage 22gb, Witcher 2 12gb, F1 10gb, iracing 5gb, Deus Ex 10gb ... I think their cap is more like 300gb on unlimited BB packages.

bub162919d ago

maybe its just a problem with 8mb broadband because the post below me describes my exact situation. ive now moved to sky broadband and i can download all i want with no speeds going down and its £5

SH0CKW4VE2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Its annoying im still stuck with 8MB BT Broadband and they cant be arsed to get Infinity installed in my area.

Barely getting 1MB at peak times, they are a disgrace.

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