L.A. Noire: Rockstar Tells Us The Story Behind The Game (G4TV)

Kevin Kelly writes: L.A. Noire is about unraveling a mystery, but if you want to learn about the mystery behind the development of the game, read on. Rockstar Games has been delivering sandbox-style gameplay with compelling characters and stories, but L.A. Noire sought to model the specific style of film noir and stick it squarely in 1940s Los Angeles. They succeeded, and now they're bringing that experience to the PC for the first time on November 8.

We spoke with Jeronimo Barrera, VP of Product Development at Rockstar Games about L.A. Noire, and he pulled back the curtain on what it was like to create the game in this world. He also spoke about what the PC experience will bring to the game, and why they broke out a lot of the content from the game and turned it into DLC. Read on for some tidbits behind the creation of L.A. Noire, and start thinking about what you'd like to see when Rockstar heads back into the world of gumshoes and nostalgia.

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