Skyrim will let you perform an Assassin stealth kill

Product-Reviews writes: One screenshot in particular is what we’re going to highlight here, as it brilliantly captures an assassin in the act in what can only be described as a stealth kill, Ryu Hayabusa style. We’re going to take one bold guess and say this screenshot is part of a mission from the infamous Dark Brotherhood guild, which Oblivion players will be delighted to hear that it is returning once again in Skyrim.

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vortis2925d ago

Awesome. This is one of those games that didn't even need a feature like this yet they added it.

I'm glad Bethesda doesn't have to be lambasted by the industry or gamers to continually enhance and improve each iteration of Elder Scrolls. They just do it all on their own.

GoldenPheasant2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

no, all they need to continue doing is suing others for ridiculous reason. and YES,the scrolls thing is ridiculous!

way to stay classy

tr00p3r2925d ago

Maybe there will be other new features added into the other guilds in comparison..

GoldenPheasant2925d ago

making news out of a screen shot, awesome!

this is the equivalent of someone else wiping your bum for you...

tr00p3r2925d ago

Did you know about these stealth kills then GoldenPheasant, because I doubt many did?

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