PS Vita Short Supply in Japan Kills Hope For Western Imports This Year

Update: Since reports confirmed PS Vita is in short supply for Japan, its release for US & Europe is now deemed impossible as of the moment.

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fluffydelusions2921d ago

How is it in short supply if it has yet to release? I'm sure Sony will provide more shipments as it's still a ways off.

smashcrashbash2921d ago

Pre-orders. Online suppliers have already said that they are sold out.

sashimi2921d ago

Demand is outpacing supply, might as well consider those first 500k units gone already.

LightofDarkness2921d ago

God damn just wait the two or three months and get a machine at home. It'll be cheaper and function in a language you understand.

2921d ago
Fanbot2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i already pre-ordered my PSV from japan :D



Like PS3, and PSP, the console will contain ALL LANGUAGES from the FIRST WEEK

I have both PS3 and PSP imported.

GraveLord2921d ago

It's always great that your product is selling out. It means your product is performing better than expected.

Now that pre-orders are selling out for the Vita Sony probably started ramping up production to try and keep up with demand at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.