Devil May Cry HD Collection fact sheet

Capcom has released a fact sheet for Devil May Cry HD Collection, which contains many details.

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Ma1nframe2921d ago

Only played DMC 1 and LOVED IT!! I think DMC 2 and 3 were major letdowns (can't remember as it was almost 10 years ago) but I'll be picking this up JUST for DMC1...what an awesome game.

VINNIEPAZ2921d ago

"Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition is the definitive edition of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, featuring a number of enhancements, including the opportunity to play as Dante’s twin brother, Vergil, as well as the addition of Bloody Palace Mode and Turbo Mode."

Thank God!!! Definitely getting this

WiIIiam2921d ago

Just in time since my backwards-compatible launch PS3 finally kicked the bucket the other day.

AriesSiren2920d ago

DMC 1 and 2 were letdowns to me. the first is the best in my opinion

fei-hung2920d ago

do you mean 2 and 4 were disappointing and the 1st was the best? :s

I enjoyed the 1st DMC the most. It was full of epic moments such as the pirate ship coming alive and being chased around the castle by Phantom.

Even the introduction to Nelo Angelo and Nightmare were awesome and the fight against Griffon all leading to one of the most Epic Boss battles ever against Mundus.

The only game which compares the Devil May Cry one is Bayonetta (with extra bonus points for paying homage to Space Harrier for the old skool gamers like me).

kingPoS2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Around 17-18gb all together. (wide eyed) I didn't even know a ps2 game had up to 3 discs. (0_0)

Largest ps2 game I had was probably San Andreas. lol

jay22920d ago

It's pissing me of MS can't even keep their paws of HD remakes of games that didn't even come out on their old console.

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