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Pozzle2922d ago

As much as I'm looking forward to the HD Collection, I'm a bit disappointed it looks like yet another lazy upscale just like the Resident Evil "HD" games.

limewax2922d ago

All of these HD remasters are just upscaled output resolution with added AA. In all honesty the dev cycle for them blows my mind.

But I have to say the textures on this game are a lot better than some of the other games that have been remastered so it actually reaps the rewards a bit more

princejb1342922d ago

I'm buying this I'm a huge fan of dmc3

DigitalAnalog2922d ago

I disagree. From what I've seen, it's looks like an actual decent port with sharper textures. The Resident Evil HD collection however was just a widescreen version of the actual game, I could barely tell the difference.

Which is surprising as this is the only 3rd party HD remastering that actually looks very decent (why they didn't put this much effort to the RE franchise I simply do not knot). If the screenshot are any indication, I'd say this is already in the top of my priority list as I never got the chance to play these games.

Baka-akaB2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I disagree as well , it looks decent . If you wanna compare it to the infamous resident evil hd collection , you need to check again .

The re collection wasnt even worth being called an upscale

MariaHelFutura2922d ago

What's sad is RE4 was one of the best looking games of last gen.

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Nodoze2922d ago

Agreed it scream crapcom cash in. Wow I cannot believe how much SUCK capcom is displaying this generation. They are only interested in money and cashing in.

Next they will announce this is digital only.

princejb1342922d ago

maybe there only interested in money this gen cause they aint making as much as last gen

Nodoze2922d ago

It is funny how that works. Make crap games = make crap money.

Capcom have not had a hit in awhile. RE5 was NOT what they were hoping for. They went for the whole RE4 with co-op play (even keeping many of the same Zombies and animations from RE4).

They need to reboot the franchise and resurrect some others (Onimusha is begging for an HD release).

Baka-akaB2922d ago

er , not that i disagree with you there , but financially wise , RE 5 was a massive success with more than 8 million unit sold . it is the most successful resident evil title so far (again sales wise , as a game i find it quite mediocre)

RockNRoller2922d ago

wait i thought they weren't making this ?

GraveLord2922d ago

Is it just me or are there too many "HD" collections coming out these days?

Croash2922d ago

No, there should be a lot of them so that you can choose from a wider range of classics you want to (re)discover.

As long as they don't tarnish the original experience, they will be welcomed.

xtreampro2922d ago

It's all for money, re-release a game you've already released.

Most people happily bend over.

MariaHelFutura2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The Team Ico Collection is one of the best discs ever made, for $40. Plus its in HD which looks amazing and 3D which again looks amazing.

CloseSecond2922d ago

I might get the first DMC if its on PSN but the others I can live without. Especially part 2 which even worse than 4.

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