Forza 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5 Cockpit Comparison

Check out a cockpit comparision between Forza 4 and Gran Turismo 5. Which game looks best?

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kaveti66162921d ago

I can't decide which looked better in that particular video.

Both have very poorly rendered spectators, and I have no need to for them. Get rid of them, please.

Maddens Raiders2921d ago

b/c the video of the [email protected] on the right clearly looked better to me. & wouldn't ya know...? It's GT5.

Iroquois_Pliskin2920d ago

I dont understand, every aspect they compare here on n4g points to gt5. Yet, Forza 4 scored better on metacritic. I think gaming jornalism is corrupted, any publisher could just payoff critics for a better score for their game.

Bereaver2920d ago


As someone said earlier, GT suffers from King Syndrome. It's highly criticized for it's status.

Crazyglues2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You know what's crazy, people are not even looking at how unfair this battle is, GT5 came out over a year ago... Forza 3 is the game your suppose to put it against but ok...

GT5 still wins, how crazy is that - Now don't get me wrong Forza 4 looks amazing compared to Forza 3 and it looks really good compared to GT5 -but for GT5 to still edge it out that also shows how much work went into GT5..

For us to even be comparing F4 to GT5 (not F3) and for GT5 to edge it out in looks.. in my humble opinion, just says wow -GT5 is a beast..

I'm not going to act all crazy and say it's a better game just yet because honestly I have never played Forza 4 but from what I have played of GT5 -all I can say is anyone trying to beat GT5 has got some serious work to do.. because that task is not easy by any means..

GT5 is An Amazing Game..


earbus2921d ago

As much as i love forza 4 and think it is fantastic to play , GT5 needs some praise or these articles will not stop i dont think its better as ive never played it but it seems to be upsetting lots of folks so my forza 4 brothers lets just give them what they want and they may stfu.

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The story is too old to be commented.