GameSpy reviews Link's Crossbow Training

From the review by GameSpy's Bryn Williams:

"The hardware only costs $20 at retail, but the real hook here is the fact that every Wii Zapper ships with Link's Crossbow Training. This little bonus piece of software makes the $20 price tag one of the coolest deals around, and although the game experience is short-lived, it's very entertaining while it lasts."

"The game turns out to be a real treat for Zelda fans. Many of the big locations such as The Temple of Time, Snowpeak Ruins and Ordon Village are faithfully recreated for the action. Link will also take to Epona's back for some horseback target practice, and he'll even have to defend that large stone bridge from Hyrule Fields against those same boar-mounted goblins. With some of the best Zelda theme tunes thrown in for good measure, Link's is reason enough to grab the Zapper."

Score: 4/5

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cooke153984d ago

I MAY buy this.. I dont know.. so many other things i need to buy :(