Top 10 Love-them or Hate-them Game Characters at CalmDownTom

In the world of videogames, for every Mario or Master Chief there is a Crash Bandicoot or Slippy. In other words, there are just as many characters we hate as we love. In between those though, there are controversial characters. These are characters who are loved just as much as they are hated. The debate rages on as to whether they are the very best or the very worst in character design with few gamers between the two extremes of love or hate.

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kma2k2918d ago

There are a few on the list i agree with, but come on baby i love the cole train!

frjoethesecond2918d ago

I love vanille so fuck this article.

kma2k2918d ago

I only had a problem with vanille is she was talking, when she was quiet i had no issuies with her at all :)

Tanir2918d ago

I wanna bang Vanille Cosplayers, and I like her character, her voice was a bit annoying sometimes though. she sounds like an annoying japanese girl anyway, so she did a good job, because some japanese girls .......i really wish they would shut up ahaha

Bimkoblerutso2918d ago

She was a generic anime archetype. It never ruins any games for me, but it really is getting annoying that there HAS to be at least one of these characters in every JRPG released.

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