Dead Rising 2: Off The Record "Cyborg Skills" DLC Details

Find out the details of the first DLC for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

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christheredhead2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

really? i mean off the record is like umvc3....they just added a bunch of items and features that were left out of dead rising and dead rising 2. now they wanna add early dlc? its a fairly inexpensive piece of dlc, but come on. just throw it in the game or put it up on the store for free. so ridiculous.

ThichQuangDuck2927d ago

It is sad when I can now say back in my day(PS2,XBox) content was on the disc and it had to be unlocked by challenging the gamer. Now it is download this download that, preorder here and later we will release a complete game of the year edition but if you do not wait you will pay double for what should have been one complete fully featured worthwhile game. Off the Record and Dead Rising 2 and the arcade games would make for one really respectable worth while 60-70$ package instead that cost 125$ that is the story of this generation and I really hope it is not the story of next generation. Occupy PSN/XBL

christheredhead2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I agree completly and like reddeadite said below, off the record is basically a dlc repackaging and one of the reasons its 40 dollars. Yet, i guess i should wait for "off the record premium edition" that way i can get all the dlc from a dlc title.

capcom is the absolute worst though when it comes to this sort of business model. that's why i get excited when games include a new game plus mode or have weapon unlocks/stage unlocks and so on cause you just don't see it anymore. those unlocks for beating a game are now dlc packages. such a shame

reddeadite2927d ago

DLC for what is essentially DLC. WTF Capcom?