Battlefield 3 Developer and NVIDIA CEO Celebrate 64-Player PC Gaming at GeForce LAN 6

NVIDIA CEO and president Jen-Hsun Huang joined up with game industry visionary and Battlefield 3 visual architect Johan Andersson to kick off the season’s hottest gaming event, GeForce LAN 6. The event took place October 14-16, 2011 on the Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet, in Alameda, California. The event featured 48 hours of non-stop PC gaming, fun contests, amazing prizes, and special stage presentations.

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k3x2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I used to play 128-player big CTF games with vehicles 10 years ago and 64 DM games over 12 years ago. What are we going to celebrate next? The inclusion of text chat and mouse support in the next Battlefield game? Get a grip.

SH0CKW4VE2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

LOL precisely!

They act like these are all new features to BF despite the fact BF2 had all these features and more.

The only new things I can think of are the suppression effect and lasers & torches having blinding effects.

Its like a company pulls features from a game and then re - introduces those features and claims its somehow new content.

BUT it is a step in the right direction, they just need to keep heading that way.