[GAMINGtruth] Skyrim: Three Hours By The Veteran

GAMINGtruth's Cam Woolsey, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and die-hard Elder Scrolls fan, tells of his experience with a three hour preview playthrough of this year's most anticipated RPG title: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Cam delivers a glimpse of what gamers can expect from the game, shedding light on numerous topics including graphics, NPC dynamics, and the generally awe-inspiring epic scope of the upcoming RPG.

Jump in for the full story and see what this season veteran has to say about the fantasy world of Skyrim.

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Triggs2921d ago

Oh we gotta love these kinds of games.

I wish there were guns, but I know guns don't exist in the world of Elder Scrolls. Haha.

I agree with the author that it's hard to resist detouring from the main task - we will always get tempted to check that shack we see along the day.

Looking forward to another Fallout after Skyrim, too.

RufustheKing2921d ago

ya. Elder scrolls has a habit of pulling you away from your task at hand. i want to find werewolves and vampires as soon as possible but i know i will never get to them until at least 20 hours in. Word of warning to anyone who has never played TES games, you will lose yourself in these games and wont want to really ever come back to the real world.