Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition - Ironhammers

Ironhammers: This mouse is, rather obviously, being marketed to those that play World of Warcraft. It’s actually the third mouse for Blizzard’s MMO that SteelSeries have released, and changes the design in a larger way than the last revision did on its predecessor. It’s still got all the huge selling points such as in-game programming in WoW for both Windows and MacOS users, as well as the advanced illumination settings that allow for over 16 million colours to be chosen from. The big change, however, is that there’s now 11 buttons (the Cataclysm version had 14). While less buttons may sound like a bad thing, it means the mouse is a fair bit smaller and makes getting to the right buttons at the right time a much easier task to behold. It also means it comes at a slightly more accessible price, with a recommended European price tag of €69.99, rather than the €89.99 of the previous version.

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I agree with this score good review.