Get PlayStation Store Content On Your PSP Without A PS3

PSP owners have been able to play games bought from the PlayStation Store before, but now they can do it without that pesky PS3 middleman.

The PlayStation Network Downloader lets you purchase content like demos, movies, and PSOne games, and transfer it to your PSP via your PC. Very handy for PSP owners who haven't picked up a PS3 yet, certainly, but useful even if you do have one, as you'll be able to redownload the games to your PS3 (free of charge), should you want to.

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Danja3986d ago

This a cool feature but I would like to see Sony add some more remote play between the PSP and PS3..

xplosneer3986d ago

But is it available on the PSP browser?

Darkiewonder3986d ago

Until then, use PC to PSP transfer.

xplosneer3985d ago

Might entice me to use my PSP more-currently bored with it IMO.

conorgill143986d ago

you can do lair on a psp through remote play i think

TheHater3986d ago

F*** this sh1t. I Hack my psp, and now I play all the old playstation 1 games I own in my collection on my psp. so this is useless to me. But it great for the people that want to play these games on the go.
Right now, I am a currently playing Final Fantasy VII on my psp. I also have Crono Cross on my psp and final Fantasy VIII. I have an 8GB memory stick for my psp.

Skerj3985d ago

They figured out a way to get the 2nd disc of Chrono Cross to work? Oh and Vagrant Story, Xenogears, and Front Mission 3 on PSP is like the most awesome thing to happen to a handheld.

TheHater3985d ago

Yeah, the second CD work with the new 3.4 custom firmware uugrade. I don't own Vagrant Story, Xenogears, and Front Mission 3. But I am currently looking on to find them and purchase them. I could download them, but I want them in my collection of games to go along with like 50+ other JRPG's.

DEADEND3986d ago

you can download stuff using the PSP to the PS3 off the PSN threw remote play, starting remote play then go to the PSN on the PS3 and you can download it to the PS3 and view and watch it threw your PSP. I'm sorry I'm not good at explaining things, I hope I explained it clear enough for those who didn't know if they can do what I just said.