The flaws of Rockstar Games and why GTA IV did not deserve the score it got

We got a new article written by The Q, from daughter site After Light, which will probably end up being controversial. It talks about the flaws of games such as the GTA series, as well as the faults of Rockstar Games.

And we all know there are many fans of both Rockstar and their games, but all voices and opinions must be heard. And the piece is not without its arguments.

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WhiteLightning2920d ago

When people ask how hype influences a games review score.....just point out GTA4.

lociefer2919d ago

ur absolutely right, this is like the only game tht felt like a chore to me , i had to finish it just to get the trophies and thts it, story wise it was average at best

WhiteLightning2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I think the seriousness and the annoying, always rinning, mobile did it for me. Also out of all the characters Rockstar have created Niko was the worst, hell I even liked Claude more then Niko and he didn't even speak. I'd rather play as Roman during the main missions...

Plus I missed the fact that there was a lack of well known celebrity voices.

I'll admit I was sucked into the hype but looking back on it, the game was avaerage. I had more fun in Saints Row 2 then GTA4......and to be honest I was expecting a bigger map, bigger then GTA:SA since it was next gen...Just Cause 2's map put Rockstar to shame.

I'm not trying to say I don't want people to enjoy the next GTA game but I hope for giving them money to fund L.A Noires tec Rockstar reward Sony with a GTA5 exclusive game rather then AGENT since that's looking like it may go MP.

Septic2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Well said. GTA4 is a classic example of a title riding on the hype and letting that eclipse it's various glaring shortcomings.

StanLee2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I don't agree at all. The story telling and character development for a GTA title was sublime. Never have I loved characters in a game more than I did Niko, Roman, Little J, Brucie and the other characters in the game; each felt real and fleshed out. The sandbox experiences, wasn't what long time GTA fans expected. The game was more linear but that's what was necessary to tell great stories. GTAIV was an evolution the franchise needed to stay relevant. A great emphasis on story, character building. You see the same direction in Red Dead Redemption. The sandbox may have been removed but as an interactive experience, I think GTAIV is unbeatable. Anyone can do a mindless sandbox with no real direction or catalyst; look at Saints Row and if that's what you want, go play Saints Row.

dark-hollow2919d ago

To be fair, for what rockstar have aimed with GTA IV, they succeeded.
the releasim and the attention of detail is second to none.
Especially the realism. When shoot a driver he fall on front and the car horn will go on!!! Thats just a simple example of the realism in gta iv

The city was big, live and beautiful! The physics are amazing!!
The graphics is simply jaw dropping for an open world game.
Did anybody tried to launch an rpg??? The explosion effects are amazing!!

limewax2919d ago

I disagreed because to me the graphics looked pretty muddy, Textures may have been fine but the overall look was not fantastic to me.

Physics were good up until you got in the really fast cars when it kind of went back to the PS2 physics for no apparent reason. The game was ok, but it was inconsistent and the biggest failing for me was none of the city was fun to explore at all.

GraveLord2919d ago

Indoor graphics were still pretty bad though.
But yeah outdoor graphics were gorgeous!


Most over hyped game in the history of gaming.


Saint row =Fun.

That is what gaming is about having fun.

But San Andreas----> Saint row.

GraveLord2919d ago

What really killed the game for me was the "realism". They used a new engine or something and movement just felt really stiff and slow. A huge downgrade from San Andreas IMO.

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The Tingler2920d ago

I love controversy, and I love alternative opinions more. I enjoyed GTA4, but not beyond the 80s.

gravemaker2920d ago

gta 4 was perfect and amazing

Drekken2919d ago

And your comment was thoughtful and true.

zeal0us2920d ago

GTA4 was alright, San Andreas had more feature and some real life elements. I just wish some those features and rl elements was present in 4.

TopDudeMan2919d ago

Yes, san andreas was an incredible game. GTAIV felt like a step backwards.

But most of the problems this guy points out are with the PC versions. If this guy has a problem with the PC version of the game, that's fine but he's bashing the game overall, which isn't entirely fair. Graphics really aren't everything.

trainsinrdr2920d ago

Rockstar and bethesda are the kings of gaming.

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