Champion Jockey Review - The Average Gamer

Debbie's been working to win the coveted title of Champion Apprentice in her first year of Champion Jockey.

"As a new jockey you have to work your way up through the ranks by riding horses at every meet. Thing is, unlike so many racing games, you don’t actually need to win every race to progress. Some horses are nags far past their best and the stable trainers know this. To win approval from your colleagues and gain jockey points, all you really need to do is place higher than the bookies were expecting. You’ll earn points every time this happens, with a large boost when you win. You’ll also gain favour with the trainers, which you’ll need to if you want to ride the best horses and be the champion."

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AngryEnglish2924d ago

...I`ll Admit it, i had Gallop racer on the original PS1 and i loved it lol, a total surprise.... so i may have to check this out