Skyrim Hands-On: the first three hours | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK: "We've lived a lifetime already, and we've barely scraped three hours. We've barely scraped the world."

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_LarZen_2923d ago

Still no pc impressions?

NukaCola2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

or PS3. I really want to see this on PS3 and how the new Creation Engine runs on it.

EDIT: @ Fluffy

It's strange that MS gets so bent on certain titles getting marketed like 360 exclusives that they screw over Games for Windows titles. Even on games not hitting PS3 at all. Takes that games on PC too are exclusive concept too hard.

fluffydelusions2923d ago

It's always the same story when MS has a deal with the company. COD, Crysis 2, now Skyrimm. I guess they don't want gameplay shown on other platforms.