Gizmodo - PlayStation 3 Official Wireless Headphones Lightning Review: Kill Kill Kill

Gizmodo - As great as great graphics are, splendiferously blasting sound can be just as gratifying. Sometimes we take sound for granted, or just don't care about it—but with Sony's great new 7.1 wireless surround headphones, you will care.

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nitrogav2920d ago

Does anybody know if you can plug these into a usb slot of any tv or do they only work on ps3 ? .

Holeran2920d ago

They work on PS3 for games and movies but 7.1 surround does not work for most movies only stereo. They also work on computers in stereo mode only. I have no idea about it working on a tv usb though.

nitrogav2920d ago

Cheers for you're reply , chances are if they work on pc's , maybe just maybe might work on my new Samsung 3d tv . Here's hoping .

Holeran2920d ago

Ya they are a great set of headphones I have had them since the day the hit and couldn't be happier.

beavis4play2920d ago

i read a review that said they do NOT work with tvs - just ps3 and pc......sorry.
but, i haven't actually tried it yet, so i don't know for sure.

nitrogav2920d ago

Now that's a shame , instead of selling thousands of these headsets Sony , making them compatible with tv's , you could have sold millions .

kingPoS2919d ago

Wait! does it really work on tv's?
And if it doesn't already Sony/ect could update the firmware in their HDTV's for added support.