The PlayStation 3 Says Barry Bonds Doesn’t Come Close To This Year’s True MVP

Deadspin: Detroit's ace pitcher Justin Verlander registered a once-in-a-generation performance this year. Still, even that magnificence may not be enough to overcome some baseball writers' biases against awarding the Most Valuable Player award to a pitcher. But a video game—Sony's acclaimed MLB 11 The Show simulation—suggests anyone who votes against him is flat wrong.

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blumatt3154d ago

Gotta love The Show. It's the best baseball game out there. So realistic and the graphics and immersion factor is unbelievable for a game.

Ravens203154d ago

I wish Sony Would do an NFL football game. They tried basketball, maybe IF EA's Madden contract ever expires, they can have a shot at it.

Arksine3154d ago

Sony had the NFL Gameday franchise, but Madden pretty much killed it in the PS2 years. Then EA acquired exclusive rights from the NFL, which for now is through 2013.

I have a feeling its going to take a lot of money to wrestle that contract away from EA, and considering that the NFL's primary audience is in the US Sony would probably have a hard time turning a profit in the current landscape.