Stupidly Low Salary Offered to Street Fighter's Iconic Artist

Akira Yasuda, better known as "Akiman" is about as big as they come among Japanese game designers and illustrators.

Besides designing and planning titles like Forgotten Worlds, Final Fight, and Street Fighter II, he's created some of gaming's most iconic characters and art, such as for, again, Street Fighter II.

For a guy with credits like that, you'd think he'd command a high price for illustrative work. And you'd think that Enterbrain, the publisher of Japan's biggest game magazine Famitsu, would know that.

According to Akiman's blog, Enterbrain offered Akiman ¥8,000 (US$103) for six drawings for a game character. If the drawings took, say, two days, that would mean he'd get fifty dollars a day. If they took four days, then he's get twenty-five bucks a day. And so on.

Gazondaily4605d ago

I'll be honest- I only clicked for the picture

*lowers head in shame*

kingPoS4604d ago

Who wouldn't want to be the middle man ^_^ (raises hand)

inbetweener4604d ago

I would personally pay him 10 times as much to do my portrait. Then I would light a cigar with a 10,000 yen note.

Brownghost4604d ago

Really I was expecting a gallery at least

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HeliosHex652d ago

Jesus 35yrs! Now I feel old.

Sciurus_vulgaris652d ago

Street Fighters older than me. I still have some memories of playing Street Fighter on arcade machines up until the early 2000s.