Soul Calibur Legends reviewed by 1UP

Matt Leone of 1UP writes in his review:

"The main problem here is that it feels like Legends should have been a side mode in a proper Soulcalibur rather than its own game. There are some good ideas, but it doesn't feel like a complete game. You can count the multiplayer stages as extras that fill out the package, but they're pretty awful and tend to show that the combat works better against groups of dumb enemies than it does against one smart one. I can appreciate the approach to create an action-RPG rather than an action game, but it's difficult not to wonder if it happened in such a simple form because the developers simply didn't have the budget to come up with anything better."

Score: 6/10

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Padre4038d ago

This game sucks balls.

MK_Red4038d ago

They shouldn't have made this game in the first place if it's indeed 6/10 worthy (Though another review also said its disappointing and a 6.5/10). Soul Calibur games have always earned 8.5s and 9s with original being the 3rd best game of all time but this one will be a dark point in the history of Soul Calibur... Can't wait for Soul Calibur IV.

BloodySinner4038d ago

Namco is just trying to make a quick buck. Don't be too surprised, MK_Red. Most developers are just trying to take advantage of the hype-train that is the Nintendo Wii.

MK_Red4038d ago

Agreed. It's a quick cash in using popularity of both Wii and Soul Calibur franchise. Ubi did the same with FarCry and made the abysmal FarCry Vengence.

Shaka2K64038d ago

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee game cube 2.1 is upon us.

could be even a bigger flop then game cube was?
it surely looks like it.

Skerj4038d ago

I saw this one coming from the previews hah. It looks almost like they were making a stand alone Tekken Force mode with the SC chars instead of Tekken.

TruthbeTold4038d ago

Nintendo should be ashamed for allowing the "Since you aren't getting Soulcaliber 4" genre of games that have popped up. It wouldn't be bad at all if the developers actually put some effort into it but...

I considered this game for a a quick bit when I heard that Lloyd Irving from TOS was going to be in it, but with all of the good games released lately draining my entertainment cash, this game probably won't even get a rent from me until next year some time.

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