Battlefield 3 Early Access Problems: EA Compensates With Mass Effect 2, BF2 Or Discounts

Many users didn't have the promised early access to the Battlefield 3 beta. It seems like EA is compensating those players with Origin codes. Check the story!

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grahf2924d ago

Thats their business model for any complaints. Try it out, make up a complaint and get to their tier 2 phone support. They'll give you whatever you want thats available on Origin for free as long as it has been out for a while. I had a legitimate probelm and instead of giving me an answer they wanted to give me free games to shut me up. Whatever you do, try to avoid dealing with Tier 3 email support, I had a horrible time with them.

Hufandpuf2924d ago

How can they complain when they still got the play the beta two days afterward.