Toronto Thumbs Review: Age of Empires Online

From the Review:

"When you look back at the classic names of PC gaming – I’m talking the realm of franchises such as SimCity, Civilization and such – it is impossible not to bring Microsoft’s Age of Empires series into the conversation. Age of Empires II, in particular, is one of those games that everyone -no matter what their level of gaming expertise- seemed to own. I have vivid memories of visiting my cousin in college (a cousin whose biggest exposure to gaming was arguably her brother’s NES and Genesis) and spending a large portion of the night playing AoE2, learning the finer points of rushing to the second age before swarming early melee troops in hopes of a quick victory. It’s an experience I imagine occupies a similar space in the memories of no small amount of gamers, which explains the existence of Age of Empires Online."

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