Can We Put a Price on Games? [DeltaGamer]

DeltaGamer discusses whether it is possible to put a price on video games, and how arguments like "price = hours of gameplay" aren't that good.

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bumnut2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

All I know is almost 3 times the price of a new bluray movie is too much.

Hope they don't charge based on hours of gameplay, Id have to remortgage for Skyrim :)

Cosmit2920d ago

In these times...HELL YEAH WE CAN!

x8002920d ago

i think it would be good idea be charge games on reviews and how long the game is.

gazgriff2k122920d ago

not really, do u go on time spent making the game or time you spend on the game i.e do you play it all year (fifa, cod etc) or spend 300 hours on your rpg's (elder scrools, the witcher) or do you play the game for few hours complete it once? in that case fifa would be more expensive than god of war. or money spent making the game. its tough but £40 for every title is insane if ya play as many games as me thats why i buy second hand and why im pissed at online passes and pre order goodies

MasterD9192920d ago

I think $65 for a new game is absurd....

40 then 50 now 60...whats next? $75 next gen for a new game?

I'll just be playing this gen only if that is the case.

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