1UP gives 3.5/10 to Time Crisis 4

1UP's Nick Suttner writes:

"When paying ninety dollars for a lightgun shooter you're used to playing in movie theater lobbies and dingy arcades, you would expect to be able to feed it more virtual quarters when you die, or at least earn more to use along the way. Right? Time Crisis 4 disagrees. It casually eschews any notions of contemporary game design, look, or feel, with only embarrassingly shoddy efforts to atone for its 'arcade port' status. As universally point-and-shoot accessible as lightgun games should be, no one should be forced to fight through this catastrophe."

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TnS3986d ago

IGN's 8/10 vs. 1UP's 3.5/10.

Who should poor gamers believe?

TriggerHappy3986d ago

None, just get the game if you've played the arcade version. This is a PS3 exclsuive aint it ?

If it is, then that would explain 1UP's score.

unlimited3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

1up is not a good place for ps3 games review. dont even care what they think because most likely its bias.. Ill still get it sometime in dec.

Yes it is a ps3 exclusive..

MK_Red3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

1.Confusing indeed.
2.More proof that reviews are really effed up and are no longer helpfull. at the disagree. TnS just said a fact and still got disagree which farther proves that some N4G members don't read people's posts. They just check the names of people that they dislike and click disagree.
4.While I disagree with 1UP on every level (Their NFS, AC, Ratchet, Uncharted and other reviews), I actually agree with them on Time Crisis 4. The game was playable while ago (don't remember if it was GDC or TGS) and not only it played exactly like older games and FPS parts were terrible, it actually looked like a 1st gen PS2 game...
It's really sad because previous games on PS2 were amazing and looked really good.

randomGuyOnline3986d ago


Yeah, I think there's a disagree phantom on the site lol. Either that or people disagree because they don't like the poster, like you said.

MK_Red3986d ago

Completely agreed.

LOL, the disagree phantom visited your post. Also, TnS' post which has one question and one fact (No place for disagree) was also visited twice so there must be more than one disagree phantoms ;)

artman3985d ago

I guess, 1UP's reviewer is very cheap, so they can't afford to get PS3. bitter ... bitter ...

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gamesblow3986d ago

Neither... judge for yourself. Review sites are morons. It's like they're all getting the memo late or something. I've never seen a time where reviews on all games are sp broad and expansive. 9's and 5's are given out for the same game all the time now. It's a broken system and until it's fixed I'm not even looking their way. I'm buying games on my own accord and reviewing them mysef.

PirateThom3986d ago

Neither, believe me.

It was terrible in the arcade and made me wish they hadn't replaced Time Crisis 3 with it. It's just a bad game in general. No way the port would be better.

Expy3986d ago

I am for an industry wide reviewing standard.

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