Forza has not beaten any of Gran Turismo's core strengths

Tecstories: Sadly menu interfaces, and accessibility are not considered to be part of gran turismo's core strength's. Its going to take a whole lot more than a revised game to take the crown from the best driving simulator on the market. I think journalists are getting a little bit ahead of themselves when they start proclaiming that forza has taken the crown away from gran turismo 5. Forza has to beat gran turismo's pillars of strength to be even considered. Graphics, physics, content, vehicle disciplines,weather, fanbase and finally sales.

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zeksta3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

It's a competitive world, people always try to perfect upon what they've seen, it's always been like that, and in doing so we see many better creations and improvements.

All that being said though, there will always be fans, and those fans will always be defending something because.. well.. their fans.

StanLee3266d ago

This is the second article this guy has written on this same topic in as many weeks. Frankly, he's starting to sound like a butthurt fanboy. Just let it go. There will be those who love GT5 and that franchise, those who love Forza and the Forza franchise and those smart enough to know how to appreciate both without making it a contest.

Stevo913266d ago

I enjoyed GT5 and now enjoying Forza 4 why can't people just agree that they are both top quality games instead of being fanboys?

NukaCola3266d ago

War never changes...


...War has changed.

Either way we should find piece eventually.

teething3266d ago

GT5 is a great game, but lets all admit that forza 4 and GT5 are great games with different strengths and weaknesses.

Forza 4: great online, great menus, great physics, accessibility, great track detail, great car variety with uniform quality, untouchable customization, great graphics. Negatives are no day/night cycles, and less types of racing.

GT5: Great online, terrible menus, great physics, limited accessibility, ok track detail (worse in old tracks), lots of cars, but poor variety and uneven quality (800 standard cars), ok customization (no decal/livery editor, no breaks?), great graphics (though uneven), day/night cycles and weather on selected tracks.

Overall I prefer Forza 4 over GT5 because the entire product feels more polished and finished. Both give great driving experiences, but Forza 4 had more in it for me overall.

nix3265d ago

i don't know about you guys.. but in our days we used to have weather and night driving.

buddymagoo3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

He forgot that GT5 creates real life racing champions.

These guys became real racing drivers through a Gran Turismo 5 event (GT Academy) They get to travel around the world now and get paid to do what they love.

ApplEaglElephant3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Better UI.
Better background graphics
Better customization.
Better univeral car graphics.
More cars with good graphics

Better Premium Car graphics
Amazing day and night cycle with graphics
Amazing Weather simulation
Better Physics
Better Damage
More Cars
More Track Customization.
More accurate in details.
Unbeatable variety in races and etc.
Compatible with wider ranges of wheels/pads and supports many hardcore wheels

The realistic looking day and night and weather changes simulation puts GT5 in terms of simulator. However, it does have some unpolished edges. Like standard cars uneven graphics.

here are some examples of weather effects

If you are hardcore enough to get over some blemishes, GT5 is for you, imo. Forza is more friendlier to play with though.

edit. i hear a lot of GT5's blemishes were patched. i hear patches are in gigs. Lol

thats_just_prime3265d ago

GT5 core strength is recycling ps2 games so be happy Forza 4 is pushing the upper limited of what can be done with this gen systems and not last gen

ApplEaglElephant3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

GT5 have everything remade. hence the reason why it took 5 years.

Forza 4 is update of Forza 3. Not even kidding about this. They used same stuff from Forza 3 and added features to it.

I mean i know you are a desperate fanboy and all, but get your facts straight.

how do you still have 2 bubbles? Lol.

SilentNegotiator3265d ago

So this guy can't say stuff like this without being a "butthurt fanboy", but no problem with all of the "Forza Wins! Forza takes the Crown from GT5!" articles?

trancefreak3265d ago

I don't understand why people get do defensive or a video game. Both games can co-exist which allows gamers to have more options. Depending on your gaming console preference game styles and racer Sims to rock to just go for the one you like.

No need to complain about apples to oranges here both games are exciting to play, especially if you love driving racing Sims. It is a win win for all.

Morpheuzpr3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

90% of the people claiming forza4 better than GT5 play the game with a controller. Forza was made for a controller while if you play GT that way you're not going to have a great experience cause that is not the way the game is intended to be played.

The most important thing for me is the relationship between car and driver. Pc sims like iRacing, rFactor, LFS and GTRevo haven't been able to replicate or communicate car behavior and reaction the way GT does and that is something that IMO set GT apart.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33265d ago

I thought I was going to click the link and read an informative article :/

Tommykrem3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

You should be able to defend one side in two separate articles without being branded a fanboy. I havent tried forza 4 yet, but it seems to me that he makes some fair points. Reviewers do tend to look at anything but the actual driving in racing sims, since that demands some motoring industry insight.

AAACE53265d ago

He lost me when he said a game must have the most advanced graphics.

Gt didnt start looking good until it hit ps2. Yet it was crowned king mainly on gameplay in the past.

The main draw for gt is having the most cars. Gamers feel like they are getting their moneys worth.

Being a person who has done a bit of high speed driving/racing, I have always felt like gt cars are floaty and sluggish.

Forza feels more arcadey, but it has that sense of speed and feel of really drivinh fast.

I wish we could get the best og both in one place.

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MariaHelFutura3266d ago

You know what's funny. One is only on PS and one is only on Xbox. Most people will be forced to buy one or the other. People like me, who LOVE racing and own both systems will buy both. I haven't got 4za yet, but only do to the fact the only racing wheel I've seen for it is $500. If anyone knows of a good more affordable wheel for 4za, let me know.

memots3266d ago

I am the same. I got both and i would have bought Forza4 day one if My xbox supported my g25 wheel.

But right now playing a game like forza on any racing game without a wheel just does not cut it for me anymore.

MariaHelFutura3266d ago

"Once you go black you never go back"

Comes to mind.

VonBraunschweigg3265d ago

Well said, I tried to explain that in a tread a few days ago about that new Fanatec wheel, 500 bucks and no pedals. It's either a goofy MS device or an expensive Fanatec, there's nothing in between for the majority of fans which is a damn shame. GT5 has the Logitech Driving Force GT for 100-150, add a Fanatec wheelstand for 100 and you're good to go. 250 plus 100 and you have a G25 complete.

I always like to know when I see those popular Forza/GT threads, with all kinds of BS about stickers and shadows and camara do you Forza guys, so the majority, what exactly do you use for steering? After all, it's the most important aspect of simracing. Perhaps this where the difference between winning the Nürburgring 24H and shouting Definitive! on stage becomes clear.

BuffMordecai3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

The Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 and CSR wheel both go for around $250. I have the GT2 and its an excellent wheel, one of my favorite features is the on-the-fly setting options that be accessed on the wheel. With the settings you can adjust the degrees of rotation, force feedback, deadzone, linearity, etc, allowing you to customize any racing games control to your liking. Another great feature is full compatibility with the 360/PS3/PC. If your looking for a more affordable wheel, I hear madcatz and thrustmaster are also making wheels at $80-130, but they're locked at 270 degrees of rotation and don't have force feedback.

Kleptic3265d ago

^^you don't need an expensive wheel for can play it like mario kart wii...right?

I'm not kidding that you can do that...but I am kidding that its cool...

Fanatec has announced a series of wheels (versions of the Carrera, GT3, and GT2 wheels iirc) that will be 'compatible' with the 360...not sure what that means the G25/G27 was 'compatible' with a well as GT5...but wasnt 'supported' until a week ago...

so it may work with a 360...but might not let you control menus and adjust everything from the wheel's buttons...still WAY better than any official wheels offered for the 360...

Morpheuzpr3265d ago

^^ force feedback technology on the 360 is different. That is why wheel for it are more expensive since they have both normal pc ps3 tech and 360 MS tech and also the reason why Logitech wheels aren't compatible.

FragMnTagM3265d ago

There are a few wheels that are compatible with Forza 4.

-The new Microsoft air wheel
-The old Microsoft wheel with no clutch
-Mad Catz MC2 Racing wheel with force feedback
-Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S
-Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2
-Fanatec CSR
-Fanatec CSR Elite

There may be more, but that is all I could find for right now.

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MastaMold3266d ago

Someone who understands Gran Turismo just like me

FunkMcnasty3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Very true indeed. In our consumerist culture, brand loyalty is ingrained in us. Brand rivalries are everywhere and have been forever. But one thing that really astounds me is that brand loyalty has become so venomous in modern gaming culture that fans of each brand are constantly at each others throats nitpicking about which brand/game/franchise is better.

In my non-gaming life I am a professional musician, and one of the oldes rivalries among modern musicians has been the Gibson Les Paul guitar vs. The Fender Stratocaster guitar. But you don't log onto an internet forum for guitarists and read venomous attacks from Les Paul Players about how much better their guitar is.. Everyone just accepts that people have different preferences and gets on with talking about what they are all there for: Music and guitars. Yes there are always players who, like videogame fanboys, take their love of their brand to an extreme and go around bashing people who don't see it the same way, but those folks are few and far between. Whereas with videogames, it seems like the reasonable folks are few and far between, outnumbered by venom spewing fanboys.

I guess what I'm getting to here is that rivalries are all well and good, but of all of modern cultures greatest rivalries, it seems that people get into the spirit of a competetion without going overboard and flirting with hatred and name-calling. (except for Red Sox and Yankees and Man City and Man United!! fans of each will always be calling each other names! haha)

I think what I'm getting at is that nerdy folks who use the internet too much get too contentious and combative about their videogames and which one is better. It shouldn't matter. Play what you play and love it.

Okay, on topic: I prefer Forza ;)

StraightPath3265d ago

seriously a butthurt response to the lazy gamer article about forza taking the crown of GT.

PS3 has Gran Turismo and Xbox 360 has Forza can not it be left at that? I guess not.

Forza 4 - 91% Metacritic
Forza 3 - 92% Metacritic
Forza 2 - 90% Metacritic
Forza 1 - 92% Metacritic

Average - 90+

GT 5 - 84% Metacritic
GT 5 Prologue - 80% Metacritic
GT4 - 89% Metacritic
GT PSP - 74% Metacritic
GT HD Concept - 82% Metacritc

Average - 80

both are reviewed being great so no big deals.

SJPFTW3265d ago

ohhh no your going to make a lot of fanboys rage.

kikizoo3265d ago

Including biased medias, and most of all : you can't compare games from differents consoles, 2 standards (ps3 has the best exclusives, it's normal to see inferior notes for games inferior to uncharted, etc ...and don't forget, most of the ridiculous low reviews complaint has been coeected since, so , you can't talk about scores.

everybody knows that nbA jam is not a better game than GT5, but has better reviews....same for forza

Oner3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

@ StraightPath ~ I'm not trying to start anything, but I just wanted to point out that you used full game Forza's that were available on Consoles (Xbox & 360) while for GT you used 2 that were precursors to actual full games, 1 portable title and only 2 of the 5 full games that were on consoles. So just to clarify ~

GT ~ 96% Metacritic
GT2 ~ 93% Metacritic
GT3 ~ 95% Metacritic
GT4 ~ 89% Metacritic
GT5 ~ 84% Metacritic

Average - 90.2%

Kurt Russell3265d ago

Sorry kikizoo... NBA Jam is better than GT5. It is better than most games around.


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Narutone663265d ago

Some if not most of the GT5 fans are angry with the double standard when reviewing GT5 and Forza 4. A lot of those so called "game journalists" only played a few minutes and decided that GT5 is too hard and deducted a lot of points in their review. While in Forza 4, a lot of things that GT5 have, are not in Forza 4 and we still see some high or perfect scores.

3265d ago
DigitalRaptor3265d ago

DK. It's not bias, and Narutone66 didn't even suggest a bias. It's double standards we're talking about. Faulting one game for something, whilst not for another game.

It's journalistic failure. Many of them only played to a certain level, meaning that they didn't even play the game enough to unlock certain features, which they slated the game for "not having included".

I noticed that some sites even appointed reviewers who were clearly Xbox 360 fans or not fans of the driving genre to review the game. IGN for example.

None of these are excuses, because this actually happened. It's just a poor state of affairs. I'm not complaining about bias here. Just poor universal judgement on behalf of an industry sector that's meant to be professional.

TheXgamerLive3265d ago

Yes FORZA 4 is better than GT5, but guess what, probably the next GT game will be better than forza 4 and then so on and so on and so on.

Exactly, this guy is just a but hurt fan boy, move on dude, stop fabricating false stories, enjoy the games b/c every year new ones will improve upon the older ones.

Everyday life is like that too. That's why we always upgrade most everything.

In fact, ima go upgrade my pepsi right now for a.......naaa ima have my pepsi:)
Batman Arkham tonight yea yea, see ya all online:)

farhad2k83265d ago

I enjoyed Forza 3 more than GT4, but GT5 is much better than Forza in terms of physics and actually racing.
Only thing I like about Forza 4 is the showroom where the cars look so sexy, and also the editing of the exterior. Other than that, GT5 wins hands down. Plus.. no G25 steering wheel = MAJOR FUN REMOVED!!

solid warlord3265d ago

i was a massive original GT fan and also GT4 & 3. I own bothe PS3 and 360 i own both GT5 & Forza 4. I can say that FORZA is the better game. It plays better and is more custumisable. Love it.

Persistantthug3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

How does making car customizations make it better?

I mean, when I weigh that against More cars on the track, better physics, better realistic cars, track editor, day and night and weather cycles, higher resolution, greater "new" car detail, more modes (Kart racing, rally, Nascar, etc, better and more accessories (Logitec wheel)...More tracks, more REAL LIFE tracks.

I mean, in the 3 sentences you wrote, no where did you say, "Forza 4 has better physics and more realistic cars, and more tracks".

It's almost as if, in comparison, you said that some of the condiments are better than the actual meal.
So that's why I'm inquiring this to you.
How is this so?

SKullDugger3265d ago

Look at all the disagrees from PS3 fan boys and they have never played FORZA 4 and maybe never GT5..

execution173265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

the 2 things that Forza has that I wish GT had is the car customization and decals; GTs rims and spoilers are ok and the few cars that have racing modifications are ok... just there was more. Lastly I want more Rally tracks both dirt and winter ^^" I love racing on them or they could just redo the dirt tracks from GT2 <3

showtimefolks3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

now Granted i have not spent as much time with forza as gt. I do believe that Gt5 did a lot of things on the track right but it was also lacking a lot of community features that forza has.

Instead of having 100 cars and so many different models of the same car why not have 300-500 all well polished cars.

I don't think forza series will ever over take GT series just because of how big GT's name is in racing world. But i do believe that gaming universe is big enough to have 2 or more great racing games that can out do each other and actually learn from each other.

As a GT fan i cal just say GT is better and act like a fanboy but as much as i like GT i know that there were things that GT5 did wrong and will address in future Gt games. But unlike forza fanboys who think Gt5 sucked and forza is the best game ever that's also untrue. GT5 was better than forza 3 and forza 4 is better than GT5 and when the next GT game comes out it will be better than forza 4, its like a cycle of racing games each gets better and learns from the other and what it did right and wrong.

but with twitter and facebook world i believe its easier for these devs to reach their fan base and get some actual feedback that could help improve future titles

so as fans we can disagree with each other's opinion but end of the day we all can agree that each game can learn from the other and get better, and at the end of the day that's all we can ask for

have fun peace out

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LastDance3266d ago

People can say what they want but Gran Turismo out-sells HALO. How can forza even think to compete in that respect. Maybe if they went multiplat.

piroh3266d ago

he means Gran Turismo as a franchise outsells Halo as a franchise
obviously he is right

3265d ago Replies(4)
videoxgamexfanboy3265d ago

its amazing how ps3 fanboys always shout sells dont matter until it fits their agenda...

TheXgamerLive3265d ago

Actually it's not true since Halo 3 was out. The Halo series has out sold every other series to date, cept the GTA franchise, but that's only b/c it's on multiplatform.
He's refering to data pre 2009.

LastDance3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

unfortunately at this point, your making up facts.

According to polyphony GT has sold around 63 mil units.

According to VG halo is around 42 Mil.

Links are provided.

Please note: All sales figures are current.

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CrimsonEngage3266d ago ShowReplies(3)
disturbing_flame3266d ago

Gran Turismo have been destroyed for a lot of its flaws but not praised for what it was doing right, and better than any game on the console market.

Gran Turismo suffered from its leader condition i think, the actual criticisms toward the franchise may be a dynamic motivation for the developers. Actually Kazunorisan listened to what fans wanted in GT5, he gave them meteo and day cycle, so he will raise the bar with the next episode.

This competition between Forza and GT will push developers to make better games. I think Kaz, as a competitor, will be motivated, he is passionated by his work and GT5 is one of the most impressive game running on PS3.

Polyphony Digital need to be bigger, have more people work for the studio would be a perfect solution to give Kaz the ability to move faster on decisions and conception.

KingPin3266d ago

finally someone speaks sense.

correct me if im wrong but put simply what you saying is GT5 was reviewed for what it did not have while forza was reviewed for everything it did have.

disturbing_flame3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )


Because we know that the criticisms toward GT5 are real, we, as players, can also criticize the game and i think it's normal to talk about it.

But make them so important when you see that when it comes to review other games it becomes less important to have also some flaws, it shows a dysfunctionment in the appreciation of the game in itself.

GT5 needed to be more than perfect, when other games are just take for what they are. GT5 was a victim of its success, it looked like that everyone wanted to kill the franchise before GT5 was out. And when you play GT5 you know it's one of the finest AAA game of this generation.

smashcrashbash3265d ago

Thank you. Just like many games these days they are always criticized for what they are not and not for what they are. That is the main problem. Uncharted for exalmple is always being judged on the same line as Gears when they are completely different games. Judge Uncharted by Uncharted standards not by other games.Forza was not judged for the features it was missing as opposed to GT5 so why should GT5 be treated differently?

KingPin3266d ago

at your comment above

100% agreed bro.

have a bubble

frostypants3266d ago

Gran Turismo feels a bit like a hardcore PC sim, right down to it's rough-around-the-edges interface. I think it gets knocked around a bit for that, however unfair that might be.

spektical3265d ago

exactly, this is what i felt in many reviews. It came down to this:

"5+ years, and thats all you have to show"

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Optical_Matrix3266d ago

I still don't understand how Forza 4 lacks:

- A Track Editor
- Dynamic Weather
- Night and Day Racing
- More variation in track settings
- Concept Cars
- Go Karts
- NASCAR (Second biggest Motorsport in the world)
- Licenses/Driving School

And yet, it gets a free pass. I'm sure it's a great game. But the fact it didn't get critisized for lacking all of this, which is in the year old GT5, is appalling in my opinion. It's got what, Kinect, Top Gear, better Physics and it's labelled the best simulator. I really don't get gaming journalism sometimes. I really don't. Such is life I guess. Each to their own.

ZBlacktt3266d ago

It's on a DVD. They don't want to make it a 4 disc game.

3265d ago
Redempteur3266d ago

Sorry but better physics is subjectiev at best

Both games have moments were their physics are good and moments when it's not good at all .. neither is in front of the pack on the physics department .

At least when they updated the physics last week in GT i didn't have to buy another disc.

RowSand3266d ago

but but forza has rewind feature, thats kind cool and realistic!!...??

3266d ago
Ninja-KiLLR3265d ago

GT5 does too now thanks to update 2.0

r2kcipher3265d ago

when i am playing forza i am much more aggressive because i can always rewind if i mess up. in gt i have to drive cautiously and take my opponent more strategically. as to which one is more realistic lets just say i would never drive in real life the way i drive in forza. but that doesn't mean its not fun to be aggressive sometimes and pull off cool maneuvers in the process.

PirateThom3265d ago


No it doesn't, it has no in-race rewind function, just replay controls for... replays.

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3266d ago Replies(3)
sikbeta3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

GT5 shine when it comes to variety, all the stuff offered in the game cannot be achieved with another game, as I said in another article, you have Nascar, WRC, Karts and more, all of these in just ONE Game, if you want to enjoy all that outside of GT5, you at least need 3 games minimum, yeah the UI is not the best and 800 cars are standard, but that doesn't take you the enjoyment of driving all kind of different cars on different track while racing, sure we want more and sure we want all cars Premium, but the game deliver greatness regardless and I cannot wait for the Next iteration, meanwhile, I'm getting Spa + 15 Cars + 100 new paint chips and the gear suit of the legend

3266d ago
buddymagoo3265d ago


It has over 100 rally cars and 50+ miles of Rally track. And Sebastian Loeb WRC Champ Rally Challenge. What more do you want???

Boody-Bandit3266d ago

You left out Rally racing

frostypants3266d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I will say this: Forza 4 in my opinion is friendlier towards using a control-pad than GT5. It just FEELS better. That said, with a wheel, GT5 definitely feels faaar more like real driving. Add to this the fact that the "good" wheel for the PS3 is much cheaper than its 360 counterpart, and GT5 pretty much wins hands down for gamers who want that experience.

It's a trade-off. I like Forza reminds me a bit of a more polished version of GRID (which I loved).

Both are great games. I think Forza 4 is a bit more arcade-ish, but captures the visceral aspects of driving very well, as well as the feel of the car culture. GT5 feels very realistic, to the point of being a bit cold and clinical, and the menus reflect this as well.

Depends on what you're looking for...

lumley6663265d ago

ye i totally agree with your comment, i love forza as a racing game but as a propa sim i much prefere gt5, both great games tho.

Pyscho_Mantis3265d ago

lol most reviews and gaming media these days for mainstream games are usually just promotions for the actual game. The best way to decide is to play both and see which one you like better. I think GT5 is miles better than forza.

badkolo3265d ago

you guys need way to much, all the stuff drives me crazy, i just want to race.

not knocking either game, but sims arent fun and i dont need the game to go so deep, i wish they would get away form being so sim like, i dont need to change the pins under the car, i could care less about changing tires, i want to race.