The next Xbox: What DICE wants

The first in OXM's new features about what the best developers want from Xbox 720.

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dark-hollow2928d ago

I wish we have a nextbox/ps4 vedsion of battlefield 3 with upgraded graphics and 64 players.

They did this with battlefield 2 modern combat.

AngelicIceDiamond2928d ago

That would be tite, I can see Dice doing an "ultra" version for the new Xbox and PS4. I think it'll be called Battlefield 3 Reloaded and it shows the PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox Logos.

AngelicIceDiamond2928d ago

With that being said I can see Crytek doing something similar Next gen as well as Id Tech behind Rage and Bethesda's Oblivion doing Next gen ultra remakes. How it was mean't to looked at and played.

playaplayer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

next gen consoles

6-8 core 22nm cpu
Amd HD 8970 22nm gpu
4gb gddr5/Xdr rambus
500gb hdd
12x blu ray

Shadowaste2928d ago

next gen consoles will be out 2012 holiday, there is no other choice, they are so far behind.

BF3 is the perfect example.


1080p, 1200p, 1600p 3D support
2-16x anti aliasing
32v32 players, 64v64 players
no screen tear
60 frames per second

Console BF3;

Zero anti aliasing
12v12 max players
screen tearing
20-30 frames per second

Not even the same gen, barely the same game!

BitbyDeath2928d ago

That's not a console thing that's just Dice being lazy.

The game should have 64 players and better graphics, other games have proven this to be possible on both consoles so likely this is just a dodgy port from Dice/Ea

qwertyz2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

you forgot to mention that consoles run BF3 at pc LOWEST settings with much smaller maps, less buildings, foliage and other geometry and yet runs at 704p with no texture filtering, no v-sync, lots of screen tearing and will drop below 30fps when under pressure.

even a core 2 duo,2gb of cheap ram and a $40 gpu will run BF3 better than consoles LOL

consoles are so weak that even bulletstorm on pc looks better than anything on consoles including uncharted 3 LOL PC FTW!!! next gen consoles are LONG overdue

you forgot to add "end sarcasm"