Felicia Day’s Dragon Age II Character Tallis Needs a Virtual Fashion Makeover

Kotaku: This week BioWare released the latest downloadable add-on for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin, timed with the start of Felicia Day's highly anticipated Dragon Age: Redemption webseries, which features her character from Redemption, an elf named Tallis. The details are still a little sketchy around this new heroine (anti-heroine?), and while I've watched the first episode of Redemption, I haven't finished Mark of the Assassin myself. But when I started playing it, I was struck by Tallis' character design.

Felicia Day has a very unique face that contributes to her charm and appeal, but it doesn't seem to translate to her digital Dragon Age doppelganger.

No, this just won't do. And since I'm such a fan of the Dragon Age franchise, I decided to re-imagine Felicia Day's Tallis in Second Life, adding my own spin on this redheaded assassin's style. Take a look:

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