The Deus Ex pirate fighting PC piracy

A video game file sharer uploaded a cracked preview build of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to torrent sites as part of an experiment designed to help fight PC game piracy.

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sonicsidewinder2928d ago

That's quite interesting.

People complain a lot when the companies don't release demos.

Righteous hearted people like this 'James Grimshaw' could regulate 'demos'.

StayStatic2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Agreed it is interesting.

It is because of the leaked alpha i pre-ordered the augmented edtion and im now playing the missing link day 1.

TitanUp2928d ago

unfortunately not all pirates torrent games just cause of drm/no demo some do it cause they are freaking jerks or don't have money for games or they might have money but don't want to spend that money on games and i don't agree with pirates at all.

there really isn't ever a right reason to pirate a game

GraveLord2928d ago

Ur right. Piracy is never justified but if a gamer pirates a game because he's broke and has no money to buy games, it doesn't affect the developer at all. Why? The guy is broke he would't have bought the game anyway.

Mr Tretton2928d ago

I agree with Gravelord. It's the same with music. I can't buy every frickin album out there, but why should I deprive myself of music because I don't have the money? I'm still spending only what I could spend either way. I'm also finding out whether I like the album or not with torrents. Seriously, who blindly buys albums anymore? And on PC, you can't rent games to try out first. I think the PC world actually shoots itself in the foot by not allowing rentals.

Now if you just pirate everything, then yes, you're part of the problem. But I pay for games, movies, and music as much as I can.