Death By Robots - Feature: EA or Activision? You decide

James Winchester for DBR writes: As we move in to the last quarter of the year there is one thing on the minds of most gamers: who will win supremacy in the first person shooter market in 2011? EA’s Battlefield 3, or Activision’s Modern Warfare 3?

EA gave it a good go last year with the re-franchising of Medal of Honor, but its three year absence and first dip into the modern combat pool couldn’t topple Activision’s Black Ops from the number one spot. So what is so different with Battlefield 3 for EA to think they have what it takes to topple the giant that is Call of Duty from the number one spot this Christmas?

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SH0CKW4VE2920d ago

EA & Activision are both arseholes.

GraveLord2920d ago

I say EA is worse. They milk stuff just like Activision but they also have online passes.

Oh and who can forget how they stole a bunch of Infinity Ward members? They're even getting sued by Activision. Go and read the documents and you'll see how EA knowing that these IW employees were still under contract set up meetings and conspired to build a new studio with these guys. It was just so greedy, desperate.....and illegal.

trenso12920d ago

Um activision did the same thing with sledge hammer they made dead space for EA so they both did it. Even though EA has online passes if you planning on buying the game new this shouldn't effect you anyways

GraveLord2920d ago

No, Activision did not do the same thing.
EA never owned Sledgehammer Games. In fact Sledgehammer games didn't exist until 2009. Its just a few guys from the Dead Space team helped make the studio. Activision did nothing illegal here. These guys weren't in a contract with EA. They were just some guys whose contract expired and decided to form their own studio. Activision owns the studio and funded its creation.

Hufandpuf2920d ago

As a company, EA wins hands down. Between bf3 and mw3, it's a tough one between sales and reviews. (we all know reviewers love to give cod 9s and 10s like candy)

kane_13712920d ago

Sales will probably favor Battlefield 3 if PS3 fans still support the game and buy it.

All the time PS3 fans talked about how they don't like COD anymore but still bought it since they didn't have what they wanted.
With BF3 DICE is trying to show them that BF is an overall better military shooter and they should buy this instead.
And in PC world BF3 has complete support since both predecessors ruled the military/war FPS genre.
So sales on PC is guarantied but on consoles biggest support will come from PS3 fans.
Probably a big win for EA.

Hufandpuf2920d ago

"biggest support from ps3 fans"?

What? The Xbox 360 and PC beat out ps3 pre order numbers. How can ps3 be the biggest supporter?

kane_13712920d ago

I didn't know that.
And I already said PC will sell extremely well, I said in consoles PS3 will sell more.
But I hadn't followed the preorder charts.
If it is really that way then it might be the other way.

GraveLord2920d ago

Nope. The 360 version will outsell the PS3 version by millions.

I myself a PS3 owner will be buying Modern Warfare 3. I find it funny how you see 1 comment from a "ps3 fan" and assume all PS3 owners share the same opinion.

kane_13712920d ago

I mad my assumptions based on the events since E3 thus now.
An in what I saw, PS3 owners support the game and want it a lot.
some pricks jump up and down about the gfx but the rest support it.
Just like me.
we shall see.
I personally think that 360 guys and girls will mostly buy MW3

ondsnap2920d ago

This article has troll written all over it. His one word for MW3 is disappointment when all he did was watch. He even said that the game looked and sounded like black ops. Are you kidding me? Treyarch and IW have 2 totally different engines for their COD games. Lag ops doesn't have great sounds, mw1 and mw2 have great sounds! The author goes on to say that he is now looking forward to mw3......this author needs to write about something other than video games......just saying.

MasterD9192920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

EA & Activision are both becoming greedy...Online passes are a cheap shot at the used game market and Elite is a rip-off as a stand-alone product... These are both cheap tactics that should be avoided completely.

I've read some promising things about BF3 while reading somewhat disappointing hands-on reviews of MW3. We won't have to wait long now...I'm sure most gamers are looking forward to ending the question of which is better. No doubt there will probably be one winner this year.

And TreyArch actually is working on MW3...for the wii version.