Modern Warfare 3 PC dedicated servers may not be ranked

Will dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 be ranked? That’s a question that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games seem reluctant to answer – for now, at least – as details appear thin on the ground.

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Dojan1232924d ago

I always per-order but I am holding on the one. What to see the reviews and details for PC first.

x8002924d ago

am not getting a mw game any more, but i really wanna see if they have learned their lessons.

evrfighter2924d ago

Lol learned their lessons?

The hell is wrong with you

x8002924d ago

nothing wrong with me :)

FlashXIII2924d ago

LMFAO.. yeah because p2p connections is really the way to go for competitive gaming. Whoever is thinking about not making dedis ranked should never work on a PC game again.

kutocer2924d ago

If this is true then it's a joke. BF3 is giving not only PC dedi's but also consoles. I hate P2P with a passion and has only ever caused problems!!!

solar2924d ago

Also P2P games die out fast. If dedi's arent ranked then that will be one just silly