Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

From the Fallout blog:

"After plowing through more entries than we ever thought possible, we whittled the list of over 17,000 entries down to the 12 finalists and picked a winner for the Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest. The entry that came out on top was 'Grim Reaper's Sprint,' which restores all your action points whenever you kill an opponent. Congratulations to Marc-André Deslongchamps from Montreal for his winning entry. He selected the PC Grand Prize and takes home a boatload of goodies in addition to getting his Perk in Fallout 3. We'll have a little interview up with Marc-André today or tomorrow."

See the first link at the Alternative Sources below for the full list of Perks along with their descriptions.

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MK_Red4075d ago

Superb find. I don't agree with the winner. It's good but IMO some of the other noms / runner ups are better. I think You First, Schizophrenia, Puppet Master, Kleptomaniac are superb and wish they were in the final game.

Charlie26884075d ago

I agree also if they don't balance correctly that perk it would be almost like cheating...well actually in the original fallouts it would have been :P (you know were action point REALLY matter)

I also agree that many of the others had a LOT more potential.

one thing that is VERY clear is that in Fallout 3 the only real useful perks are gonna be the talking ones since it look like you will be able to do just fine in the combat since it twitched base >.> (Thanks Bethesda >.<)

MK_Red4075d ago

Agreed. This perk could be a huge exploit unless they remove one shot critical hits which would be more than stupid and if they do something like that I'll go and crititally headshot all devs with an instant kill using the perk...
But really, If player has a powerfull plasma refile in his/her hands, one shot kills would be easy and he/she may never run out of points in VATS mode.

KyonoRocks4075d ago

Pfft the winner was crap imo. Out of the runners up I think Kleptomaniac should have won. It's funny, got a great description and he drew his own picture.

The ones that used the default pictures should be discounted as the pictures are half of the perk's greatness. And if you disagree, you suck!