Legit Forza 4 gamers banned for 'pirated' copies

It seems that allegedly legitimate Forza Motorsport 4 gamers are being banned for playing "pirated" versions of the game. Fans are posting on the official Xbox forums complaining of being unfairly targeted.

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JellyJelly2924d ago

"One of the leading theories in the forums is that gamers who are using cheats to increase their funds are the ones being banned, as well as those who are accepting huge amounts of money for their cars in the auction house."

The money cheaters should be banned but accepting huge amounts of money in the auction house doesn't sound like something serious imo.

outwar60102924d ago

i think anything short of pirating should be permissible

StanLee2924d ago

It's always funny when someone gets banned they claim to be "legit".

outwar60102924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

ms is a company made up of humans and many automated systems things go wrong occasionally when someone disputes something the should be a investigation. Some gaming sites have said that they they were wrongfully banned for using codes for review copies of games from MS and theres been NO investigation

ps i always thought that stan lees super power power would be a hundred n4g bubbles

banner2924d ago

How are you legit if your playing a pirated copy?

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2924d ago

Theres always false bans with Forza.2.3 and now 4. Wake up Turn 10!!

NitrousX2924d ago

On FM4 Week of review they said that anyone that had unknowingly bought any items from the auction house. Will have their game saves invalidated, so there will be big avast amount of complaints coming Turn 10's way

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