Will 3rd Party Developers Flock to Nintendo's New Wii U Console?

It's been an uphill battle for Nintendo to attract popular 3rd party software titles to their hardware. Though, on a few occasions - they managed to acquire top tier 3rd party releases. However, Microsoft and Sony don't suffer from the same dilemma.

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Pikajew2921d ago

Yes. I can see a lot of strategy games on it because the controller.

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iamnsuperman2921d ago

"The Wii missed out on a plethora of quality 3rd party titles"
I know this is important but how many third party developers are going to spend time and money to enhance one console. There has been a lot of talk from third party saying we could do this and that but I think this will not materialise. I can see multiplats being the same across all consoles no matter how powerful the Wii U is. What Nintendo really need to do is get their first party to develop less party games and more big blockbusters (they have a few now but more is better) and the current big blockbusters get them looking great. Third party will naturally go to the Wii U as it is an added install base. It has a normal controller and HD graphics which will not stop third parties this time around.

Darth Stewie2921d ago

A lot of 3rd party devs will just like the Wii but than it will decrease after about two years on account of Nintendo systems are bought primarily for just 1st party games while just a small percent buy a few 3rd party games.

VampiricDragon2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

microsoft suffers from exactly the same thing but worse. Lack of exclusives

The wii has far more exclusives this year than the 360 does

dragunrising2921d ago

Exclusives may differentiate a platform but they don't define it- unless there is a lack of 3rd party support like there is with the Wii. Last time I checked, 95% (unscientific estimate) of all console games that were on the PS3 were also on the 360. Don't get me wrong- exclusives are important, however the 360 hasn't suffered for lack of them. I would argue otherwise if in fact the PS3 and 360 install base weren't neck and neck in software and hardware sales.

I hope the Wii U develops the kind of 3rd party support that current gen HD consoles have enjoyed. I love Nintendo (games), and it would be a shame if the console failed.

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jacen1002921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i would think the developers would like to showcase there profession on the most powerfull console available ?
i know if i was a developer i would, so yes i see the wiiU getting the games

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The story is too old to be commented.