Sony Raises PSNs level limit Finally

YES! It’s finally here!!
Sony decided to raise the Trophy CAP limit from LVL 50 1%

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Relientk772924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Cool news for all the hardcore trophy hunters, I doubt that I will ever get my trophy level that high though.

saladthieves2924d ago even get at roughly half of that level would require me to invest quite a lot of time trophy hunting.

That's a good thing though. Next I would like to remove that 0% trophy progress from that game I started playing but hated it, and sold right away.

There should be no excuse for automatic trophy synchronizations. I don't know why it has to be a painful slow process when the Xbox 360 is able to do it with such ease and speed!

Could also be nice if I could receive/send messages to PSN friends from my computer.

PhunnyJesta2924d ago

probably the same reason we cant cross game chat, ram issues lol

dontbhatin2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

yeah there is no reason for anybody to be able to get that high of a level. that really shows a lack of any social life out in the real world. i think i play video games too much and im only level 13 i think? and i used to think that was a high level lol

mandf2924d ago

those are the true hardcore gamers, the rest claim to be hardcore. I'm level 20.

GamersRulz2924d ago

Hardcore because of collecting trophies ?!

C'mon man, what about gamers from previous gens ?

I hardly put any effort in collecting trophies or diving into online multiplayer, does this make me casual ?

your statement needs revision bro.

Knushwood Butt2924d ago

All them hardcore Hannah Montana players...

Dark_Overlord2924d ago

You'll find most of these so called 'hardcore' trophy hunters, have easy sh*t like hannah montana and kids games on their lists.

mandf2923d ago

They are hardcore because the amount of time they out into playing. As with anything people do. Putting 30 hours in a week doesn't make you hardcore, putting in 80 does. You all have a lack of understanding what the word hardcore means.

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2923d ago
jriquelme_paraguay2923d ago

if you still playing... you will reach some time...

eterry2923d ago

yeah I'm level at 50% on level 12 and I kinda considered that to be a pretty good level. I have spent a lot of time playing games lol

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svoulis2924d ago

This guy is just doing what we all wish we could do. Hibernate in a house play games all day and night, get paid for doing it. Hell, who needs a women or any type of social interaction we have FACEBOOK! right...right....who is with me (crickets)...oh okay then...

joab7772924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Hardcore trophy hunters? This affects only a few ppl right now and maybe only him. And i know someone who has 195 plats and he is a level 40.

Now, think about this for a moment because i have regarding my friend. Trophies were first implemented in November 2008 because fallout 3 didn't have them but resistance 2 did. That is 35 months. He has 259 that is 7 platinums a month, every month for 3 years or 1 every 4 days and approximately 13 trophies a day...every day. And when looking at his list, i am sure u will find demon souls, dark souls, all fighting games, gta4, many rpgs and on and on.

So, i guess its about time Sony raised the limit for the 1 or 2 ppl in the world who obviously represent a conglomerate of players who play offline and upload to one account. Thanks Sony. Now, how about cross game chat or something that actually affects the other 99.999999999999% of us.

GamersRulz2924d ago

I think cross game chat situation has been explained, its not possible on PS3 due to hardware limitation.

it's not big deal at all, and it doesn't effect GAMES whatsoever, so why is that important to you ?

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