Sales mean absolutely everything when it comes to videogames

Lans from tecstories writes: While its true that game sales don't affect how much someone can enjoy playing a game, there is an undeniable truth, money talks. Sales bring in much needed resources and determine almost all aspecs of gaming as we know it today.

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NewMonday2926d ago

I'll say it again...

Its all about realistic development budgets and target sales, the problem in the west is everyone is trying to make the next COD or WoW.

the Yakuza games only sell around 500k yet it is an important franchise to Sega, same thing for Tales games and Namco.

If a developer is realistic, then we can get different kinds of games and innovation. when QD made Heavy Rain they didn't expect to sell 1m. Portal was another great game that wasnt made to be a 10m seller. publishers should at least make a few games with mid-budgets that are not FPSs, not mortgage evrything like THQ did with Homefront