The Top 5 Upcoming Games of 2011 and Skyrim Trailer Reaction

We reminisce on the first viewing of the Skyrim trailer and I throw out my top 5 games that I'm looking forward too in Q4 of 2011.

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Pikajew2926d ago

Great list. But a lot of people will be mad you left out Uncharted 3

Ekmez2926d ago

Realized that tonight.. I haven't had the pleasure of getting to play either but the PS3s looking real damn attractive with that, LittleBP, Metal Gear, Starkhawk etc. Gonna have to throw that into the discussion.

mieko2926d ago

Uncharted 3 almost goes without saying, at least for me. Ive been waiting for that game since I completed part 2. Everything else was just about right about the top 5 though.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2926d ago

1.Final Fantasy XIII-2
2.Uncharted 3
3.Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
4.Assassin's Creed Revelation
5.Mass Effect 3

*Yup I went there =D I'm a big FF fan, so I'm giving this series one more chance to redeem itself.