Dark Souls patch to rectify multiplayer issues

The patch details, posted on the developer’s website, have been translated on Neogaf, but apparently list just a few examples of changes planned, with more details to come soon.

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-Alpha3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

It's sad how they have these issues. I recall Demon's Souls being a much better experience in this regard

Glad to see the Matchmaking getting a reconsideration, but what a way to screw those early buyers who may have already finished the game.

Multiplayer in general has taken a step back from Demon's Souls.

Is Ring of Fog the one that disables lock-on? If so, that should be removed completely

Kamikaze1353215d ago

Agreed. I think Namco are the blame with their shoddy servers.

Ser3215d ago

Ring of Fog is indeed the "lol-u-can't-lock-on- to-me" ring.

They just need to get rid of it. Lock, stock, and barrel. I love owning the unsuspecting noobs that think just because I can't lock on they've won. My lightning zweihander +5 thinks otherwise.

Tanir3215d ago

wtf they have a ring that does that? thats ridiculous haha.

the multiplayer is fine, but they do need to fix it.

barley ever see players for me to summon. and the LAG sux actually, you think you can backstab someone but its a lie, you just get pummeled for even trying

DaTruth3215d ago

I don't even see soul signs anymore! Also, they really need to fix the fact that you have to stand near your sign to be summoned! I should be able to continue at least pharming until I'm summoned!

Just ask, "someone is summoning, do you still wish to be summoned!"

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GunofthePatriots3215d ago

Crossbreed Priscilla's gaping dragon left a ceaseless discharge on the 4 kings bed of chaos due to pleasure from a pinwheel and iron golem's centipede demon

Sikct9a3215d ago

Frame drops like a mofo.

PhantomTommy3215d ago

Glad I picked this up on release day, got to experience the crappy multiplayer before it was patched.

Mister_G3215d ago

"Unlimited uses of magic and items", that might be a mis-tranlsation, but I like that fact that magic is limited, makes you use new and different stratergies. Might make some parts easy.

Hope 'From Software' aren't caving into pressure from gamers to make the game easier.

Ser3215d ago

There's currently a glitch that allows for a magic glitch, PVP'ers are mostly using it to grief.

This isn't to make the game easier, it's to remove broken parts.

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