Game Podunk | Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

GP: "In order to prep myself mentally to play Spider-Man: Edge of Time, I reread a few Spider-Man comics. I figured that, to get my head into the world, I'd get back into the characters and stories so I'd be ready to be the world's favorite web-slinger. Video games very rarely ever play the world of comic books very well.

It was for that reason that Edge of Time ended up being such a surprise. While it didn't blow the roof off of the game, Spider-Man went from comic book character to video game character seamlessly in this game."

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badz1492920d ago

I hope Activision is paying attention and decide to sell the license for Spidey to somebody else who can actually make a good Spidey game already!

I love Spidey and I think he deserves better!