Battlefield 3 Online Pass: Gamers Vs developers

Product-Reviews writes: While it may be compensation for DICE and other developers in the industry, we doubt many of you will feel the same way. It’s understandable why the developers are doing this, but perhaps it isn’t the best way forward for the future in terms of keeping the balance healthy. If you eliminate the whole ‘enjoyment’ idea of buying a used game, it could backfire against developers when it comes to future titles down the line and a loss of a few sales which could prove to be quite costly for the developer in the long run.

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Shackdaddy8362924d ago

Just buy the game new. It's not that big of a deal...

tr00p3r2924d ago

With Battlefield 3 id say yes, buy it new..but Batman Arkham City, a largely single-player pass too? That's just fucking greed plain and simple.

Skyrim will be online pass too as a used game, wait and see.

Sillyace922924d ago

Why because those games don't deserve to be bought new? Only Battlefield does because it has multiplayer?

zeeshan2924d ago

I am dreading these Online Passes. ShackDaddy, you might be a rich guy but I am not. It be OK if they were charging around $5 to purchase an online pass but $10 is a lot to be honest. This whole Online Pass thing is going to extremely hurt the used game market and in turn will lessen the competition so all those precious, pre-order deals will soon go dry.

I am afraid that we'll soon see this Online Pass to morph into GAME PASS which will lock you out even from Single Player and Arkham City is only the starting point of this whole fiasco :(

A_Troll_From_Ign2924d ago

I don't think they will lock the game out. That will ruin advertising the game through social playing, e.g. Taking your game round your mates place to show him or lending out a game. They will be a huge backlash!

Hagaf222924d ago

I agree shackdaddy. I have all intentions of buying all these games new- Batman, BF3, Skyrim, Uncharted- so put the pass in there. If I don't have the urgent need to get a game day one that requires a pass, I'll just wait till price drops. I bet Batman will be in atleast 1 black friday ad, if not multiple. If you can't spend 60 bucks on a game that deserves it, then buy it when it goes on sale.

zeeshan2924d ago

Price drop? You do realize that once they wipe out the used game market, they will take their sweetest of sweet times to decrease the prices on brand new games. This is going to benefit the industry without a doubt but gamers and their pockets are going to hurt real bad.

Pozzle2924d ago

The problem is that a lot of people, for whatever reason, can't afford to buy all their games new. Especially if you're living in a country like Australia where the average new game costs over $100. It can become very difficult to buy all games brand new.

IMO more should be done so that developers/publishers can gain some money from used game sales. Punish the stores instead of the gamers who can't afford to buy new. Hell, I've known of game stores that open new game boxes so that they can sell the games used and gain 100% profit. That sort of crap ain't right. If devs/publishers were getting a fraction of the profits from ALL game sales, then stores would be less inclined to mark-up their prices or use shady tactics to earn more profits from used games.

gazgriff2k122923d ago

its a big deal if they wont to compete with MW3 online. there gonna suffer because not everyone knows about online passes there gunna buy the game second hand play the single player realize they cant get online and trade/sell there copy. its simple MW3 with second hand and first hand players battlefield with no second hand players buying all there lovely DLC. online passes just dont make sense people are still going to buy your game second hand or not at all

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danswayuk2924d ago

The online pass idea is expected with BF3 for me, and if it means the same for some other games I will just go with the flow. I say bring on the Pass.

danswayuk2924d ago

While most of us will not mind paying for the Pass, you do have to wonder about the real motives behind it.

caseh2924d ago

Agreed, the motives are flawed.

Too many people yelling 'support the publishers/devs buy new!' So many variables as to why I personally think its a bad move for the industry as a whole but i've genuinely gone past caring.

The industry makes its decisions regardless of negative feedback from its core consumers yet it will go ahead regardless. Will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next 6-12 months.

tr00p3r2924d ago

The motives are... there is more money to be made, so let's rinse some more from gamers while it's still legal.

I'll be buying my games outright..full price, but I'm just saying if I came across a bargain section of a store selling Arkham City for $20, but then I need to pay another $10 just to unlock a section of that game.. it's shitty and defeats the objective of buying pre-ordered games in the first place.

EVO-OM3GA2924d ago

It was Activision who was putting Online passes onto there games I doubt any gamers on this site would ever let it down.

But lets face it because EA are such a big company and have so many titles that gamers would much rather bite there lip and buy rather than cut there hands off and go without, they try to brush it under the carpet as discreet as possible.

Double Standards has been the Standard of this site lately in relation to gamers comments

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